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Zou Natural Mineral Water

We are distributor of  Varahi Natural Mineral Water from the Himalayas. Varahi’s pristine natural mineral water Zou has slowly journeyed through the heart of Himalayas for centuries to achieve its natural crystal clarity and natural sweetness. It possess rare restorative nanoparticle elements which are drawn out from pressurize flowing aquifer, and its bottled in next few minutes. It remains unaltered from the point of origin until it reaches the final customer, We deliver it for you to experience goodness of nature in every drop.

Key Features of “Zou”

  • Naturally Alkaline mineral water with an optimum pH of 7.8.


  • Originates from high altitudes in the Himalayas, which are the oldest mountain range in the world.
  • We bottle this water at the source, completely untouched by human hand.


  • Naturally enriched with minerals, high in bicarbonate and has a naturally sweet taste.


Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9.5 × 11 in

1000ml, 500ml, 200ml


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