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We are distributor of  Varahi Natural Mineral Water from the Himalayas. Varahi’s pristine natural mineral water has slowly journeyed through the heart of Himalayas for centuries to achieve its natural crystal clarity and natural sweetness. It possess rare restorative nanoparticle elements which are drawn out from pressurize flowing aquifer, and its bottled in next few minutes. It remains unaltered from the point of origin until it reaches the final customer, We deliver it for you to experience goodness of nature in every drop.

Protection From Bacteria

Though our deep drawn natural mineral water is from such depth that no bacteria can sustain or live under depth around. We ensure our natural mineral water is bacteria-free at all processing of bottling stages.

No Contaminants

The entire bottling process of our natural mineral water is done in highly control environment which ensure no possibility of any contamination.

Automated Bottling Lines

The entire bottling process is fully automated and hence, we deliver the highest possible quality natural mineral water.

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We’re proud to introduce our 100% recyclable BPA free pet bottles* Why? Because it helps keep plastic out of oceans and landfills, and gives existing bottles a new life. Over and over again, when recycled.

* 200-ml, 250-ml, 500-ml, 1-liter, bottles. Caps and labels are recyclable, but not yet made with recycled content.

Minerals In Our Water

Natural Mineral Water sourced from Heart of Himalayas. Water that revives, restores and refreshes your senses. Our natural mineral water is bottled at the source and shipped directly to wherever you are. One of the defining characteristics of our natural mineral waters is their original purity and safe to drink at source, in its natural state. The conditions under which our water is collected guarantees microbiological purity and taste, it is packed close to the point of emergence of the source and is completely free from any manipulations.

Health Benefits Of Himalyan Natural Mineral Water

Our Natural Mineral water is drawn from flowing underground aquifer. Unlike regular drinking water, Natural mineral water does not undergo chemical processing. As the name suggests, mineral water contains reasonable quantities of minerals, Which are beneficial for health. especially magnesium, calcium, and sodium. 

But is Natural Mineral Water better than regular water, and what are its benefits?

Tap Water

The water in household taps comes either from surface or underground sources. Public water suppliers move water from its source to treatment plants, where it undergoes chemical disinfection and is process through a reverse osmosis. After this process water become drinkable and send to households through a underground pipeline.

Many a times its hard which means, It has higher mineral contents, Which may lead to calcification of arteries and stone in body.

Natural Mineral Water

Our Natural Mineral water is drawn from flowing underground aquifer, giving a beneficial mineral content.

Minerals that are often present in our Natural Mineral Water include:

Further our Natural Mineral Water is completely pesticide free, Since its drawn from very deep underground aquifer its zero pesticide water.  Unlike tap water, mineral water is bottled at the source. Some people prefer mineral water due to its perceived purity and the lack of chemical disinfection treatments. Unlike tap water, Natural Mineral Water is bottled at the source. Some people prefer Natural Mineral Water due to its perceived purity and the lack of chemical disinfection treatments.

1. A Source Of Calcium:

Our Natural Mineral Water is a good  sources of Calcium. This nutrient play essential roles to build and maintain strong bones and teeth. It is also necessary for maintaining healthy communication between the brain and other parts of the body. It plays a role in muscle movement and cardiovascular function. Some sources have more or less calcium than others. The amount of calcium in our Natural Mineral Water range from 35 milligram per liter (mg/l) to 50 mg/l.

The daily recommended allowance for calcium  is about:

2. A Source Of Magnesium:

Both bottled mineral water and tap water can be sources of magnesium. This nutrient play essential roles in regulating blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and nerve function. Some sources have more or less magnesium than others. The amount of magnesium in water can range from 1 milligram per liter (mg/l) to more than 120 mg/l, depending on the source.

The daily recommended allowance for magnesium is as follows:

3. Lowering Blood Pressure:

Having low levels of magnesium may contribute to high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and conditions that cause irregular heartbeats.

Mineral water rich in magnesium may therefore help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

4. Regulating Blood Circulation

Mineral water may contain large amounts of calcium, magnesium, and potassium, all of which promote blood circulation. Calcium is necessary for building and maintaining strong bones. It also regulates the rate and rhythm of the heartbeat.

5. Promoting Digestive Health

Getting enough magnesium in the diet can help prevent constipation and improve the health of the digestive system. Magnesium draws water into the intestines, which improves stool consistency. It also relaxes the intestinal muscles, supporting regular bowel movements.

According to the findings of a randomized controlled study, drinking mineral water containing magnesium sulfate and sodium sulfate led to more frequent bowel movements and an improved quality of life among people with constipation.

Studies suggest that drinking mineral water may have health benefits, though little research directly suggests that it is better for a person’s health than tap water.

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